Action Over Inspiration | Episode 41

In this solo episode, host Kevin Griffin discusses a new direction for the Multithreaded Income podcast, focusing on actionable advice over inspiration. He shares a story about attending a business event called Life Surge, where he was disappointed by repetitive and unrealistic success stories and high-pressure sales tactics. Kevin emphasizes the importance of actionable steps for success and introduces a new initiative to provide concrete advice in future episodes. Listeners are encouraged to join the Multithreaded Income community on Discord to exchange ideas and support each other in building multiple income streams.


00:00 Introduction and New Direction for the Podcast
00:38 Attending the Life Surge Event
02:16 Skepticism and Real Estate Pitch
05:13 Investing Course and Upsell Tactics
09:47 Reflection on the Event and Community Goals
12:42 Action Over Inspiration: Join the Community
13:54 Conclusion and Next Steps

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Kevin Griffin
Kevin Griffin
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Action Over Inspiration | Episode 41
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