Concurrently Asynchronous | Multithreaded Income Episode 28 with Stephen Cleary

In this episode of the Multithread Income Podcast, host Kevin Griffin chats with guest Stephen Cleary, a professional developer and author of the O'Reilly book 'Concurrency in C# Cookbook'. Steve shares his experiences of speaking at Codemash, his work with Logos Bible Software, and his journey writing technical books. He provides an in-depth view of the publishing process, the considerations for marketing a technical book, and how it helped boost his personal brand. Steve also gives a glimpse into his future plans, including the potential for a deeper dive book on 'Async/Await' and creating a professional course on Udemy.

00:00 Introduction and Guest Arrival
00:08 Discussion on Codemash and Talks
01:00 Getting to Know Steve Cleary
01:09 Deep Dive into Steve's Work
02:33 Steve's Journey into Book Writing
03:56 The Publishing Process and Challenges
12:20 The Financial Aspect of Book Writing
17:02 The Impact of Writing a Book
19:04 Future Plans and Work-Life Balance
22:52 Conclusion and Farewell

Stephen Cleary
Concurrency in C# Cookbook (2nd ed)

Creators and Guests

Kevin Griffin
Kevin Griffin
♥ Family. Microsoft MVP. Consultant/Trainer focused on #dotnet #aspnetcore #web #azure. VP at @dotnetfdn @revconf Mastodon: - He/Him
Steve Cleary
Steve Cleary
Christian, husband, father, developer. MS MVP. O'Reilly author. Armchair theologian. Violinist. Avid reader.
Concurrently Asynchronous | Multithreaded Income Episode 28 with Stephen Cleary
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