Forks in the Road | Multithreaded Income Episode 32 with Sarah Shook

In this episode, host Kevin Griffin engages in an insightful conversation with Sarah Shook, a freelancer transitioning from agency work to pursuing her passions for CSS and front-end development. Sarah shares her journey from working in recruitment to diving into tech, her experiences at a THAT Conference Texas, and her decision to freelance for flexibility with her family. She discusses the challenges of finding stability in freelancing, the importance of networking, and her strategic moves towards building a personal brand and a potential SaaS product. Sarah's story illuminates the paths available for freelancers seeking to carve out their niches while balancing work and family life.

00:00 Introduction and Guest Welcome
00:10 Discussing the Recent Conference Experience
01:25 Sarah's Journey into Freelancing
02:18 Exploring Future Conferences and Opportunities
02:47 Sarah's Background and Entry into Tech
04:46 Working with Agencies and Finding Gigs
10:46 The Pros and Cons of Freelancing
15:32 Current Projects and Future Aspirations
26:48 Balancing Work and Family Life
29:26 Setting Goals and Measuring Progress
29:55 Looking Ahead: Sarah's Vision for the Future
35:05 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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Kevin Griffin
Kevin Griffin
♥ Family. Microsoft MVP. Consultant/Trainer focused on #dotnet #aspnetcore #web #azure. VP at @dotnetfdn @revconf Mastodon: - He/Him
Sarah Shook 🎀💎
Sarah Shook 🎀💎
Front end developer | designer | consultantI create accessible and responsive web apps and streamline processes for a better user experience
Forks in the Road | Multithreaded Income Episode 32 with Sarah Shook
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