Jamie Had A Social Opinion | Episode 42 with Jamie Maguire

In this episode, host Kevin Griffin welcomes Jamie Maguire, a seasoned developer from the UK who has built a multifaceted career over 20 years. Jamie shares insights into his work on various projects utilizing Microsoft technologies and his in-depth experience in artificial intelligence. He delves into his ventures with multiple SaaS products like 'Social Opinion,' 'Daily Tracker,' and 'Audio Notes,' highlighting the challenges and strategies behind building and marketing these tools. Jamie also discusses the balance between technical creativity and business acumen, the importance of staying active, and his plans. This episode contains valuable lessons for anyone looking to diversify their income streams and navigate the tech landscape.

00:00 Welcome and Guest Introduction
01:22 Jamie's Background and Expertise
02:28 Current Projects and Independent Contracting
03:57 The Social Opinion SaaS Journey
06:10 Challenges with Platform Dependencies
09:16 Outsourcing and Marketing Struggles
14:01 Daily Tracker: A Personal Project
21:09 Audio Notes: Capturing Thoughts on the Go
22:25 The Power of Audio Notes
23:44 Monetizing Your Tools
24:36 SaaS Boilerplate Toolkit
27:04 Exploring Other Digital Products
28:48 Choosing Between Platforms and Self-Publishing
31:02 The Joy of Passive Income
35:10 Balancing Work and Personal Life
41:46 Final Thoughts and Encouragement

Creators and Guests

Kevin Griffin
Kevin Griffin
♥ Family. Microsoft MVP. Consultant/Trainer focused on #dotnet #aspnetcore #web #azure. VP at @dotnetfdn @revconf Mastodon: @1kevgriff@bbiz.io - He/Him
Jamie Maguire | MVP in AI
Jamie Maguire | MVP in AI
Software Architect. Microsoft MVP (AI). Technical Author.Built https://t.co/FAVZ9MaRGb | https://t.co/gFiR5IooMG | https://t.co/SeiRg8NkLw. Tweets about AI, code, and SaaS.
Jamie Had A Social Opinion | Episode 42 with Jamie Maguire
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