The Business of Conferences | Multithreaded Income Episode 38 with Clark Sell

This conversation with Clark Sell, founder of THAT Conference, delves into the intricacies of organizing community-driven tech conferences. Clark shares his journey from working in the tech industry to starting and running THAT Conference, along with another company called Unspecified. The discussion covers the challenges and changes in conference organization post-pandemic, including financial hurdles and attendee engagement. Through his story, listeners gain insight into the dedication required to run successful community events and the impact of such gatherings on personal and professional growth.

00:00 Opening and Guest Introduction
00:12 Conference Experiences and Accolades
01:56 Clark Sell: Beyond Conference Organizing
04:33 The Genesis of 'That Conference'
08:02 Navigating the First Event's Financial Challenges
10:55 The Intricacies of Conference Planning and Venue Negotiation
15:15 Sponsorships, Ticket Sales, and Financial Realities
24:58 Expanding to Texas: A New Frontier
27:58 The Unique Challenges of Event Planning
28:17 Innovating the Event Experience with Custom Tech
33:11 Exploring the Personal Journey: From Microsoft to Entrepreneurship
37:57 Navigating the Pandemic: Challenges and Adaptations
40:24 Envisioning the Future of Community Events
45:57 The Value of Community Conferences: A Call to Support

Creators and Guests

Kevin Griffin
Kevin Griffin
♥ Family. Microsoft MVP. Consultant/Trainer focused on #dotnet #aspnetcore #web #azure. VP at @dotnetfdn @revconf Mastodon: - He/Him
Clark Sell
Clark Sell
The Glue. On a mission is to create exposure for practitioners in software development. Founder of @Unspecifiedio and @THATConference.
The Business of Conferences | Multithreaded Income Episode 38 with Clark Sell
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