You Need A Vacation | Multithreaded Income Episode 33

In this solo podcast episode, host Kevin Griffin shares personal experiences and insights about the importance of taking time off from work while detailing his current two-week vacation in Italy with their family. He discusses exploring various cities, including Venice, Florence, and Rome. He emphasizes the significance of stepping away from work to prevent burnout and improve mental health. The host also discusses feedback from the Multithreaded Income (MTI) community on vacation habits, the challenges of taking time off, especially for freelancers and independent consultants, and strategies for planning vacations. Quality time away from work is essential for personal well-being and better work performance.  

00:00 Introduction and Solo Show Explanation
00:16 My Vacation to Italy
00:57 The Importance of Taking Time Off
01:44 The Dangers of Overworking
02:38 The Benefits of Taking Breaks
03:46 Community Responses on Vacation Frequency
05:56 The Challenges of Taking Time Off
09:06 Planning for Time Off
11:40 How to Spend Your Time Off
13:39 Conclusion and Call to Action
14:24 Outro and Podcast Wrap-up

Creators and Guests

Kevin Griffin
Kevin Griffin
♥ Family. Microsoft MVP. Consultant/Trainer focused on #dotnet #aspnetcore #web #azure. VP at @dotnetfdn @revconf Mastodon: - He/Him
You Need A Vacation | Multithreaded Income Episode 33
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